Celebrities That Ruined Their Careers In a Matter Of Seconds

We love celebrities for their talent, style and personalities – but when they screw up, they REALLY screw up. From bad nose jobs that ended a career, to shocking sex scandals, it seems some stars just don’t know the difference between right and wrong! Here’s a bunch of “former” celebrities who managed to sabotage their own careers for good.

Racist Richards

Once loved for his role in Seinfeld, Michael Richards is now only remembered for his racist tirade. Heckled by a black man during a stand-up comedy sketch in 2006, Richards let loose with a stream of racist nasties – and said goodbye to his career.

Jennifer’s Giant Hooter

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey thought a nose job would boost her career – but instead it nose-dived. “I went in the operating room a celebrity—and came out anonymous,” she said. Apparently, that slightly bigger nose is what made her everyone’s “girl next door” and after Jennifer changed it, Hollywood changed its mind about her.

Mark’s Filthy Secretscelebrity-3

Made famous by the Glee series, Mark Salling was onto a good thing – until the world learned of his sinister side. First a case of assaulting a woman and forcing her to have unprotected sex, then the discovery of this child porn photography collection. I guess things aren’t looking too gleeful for Mark.

Ranting Wrestler


A leaked video in which Hulk Hogan ranted about ‘the n word’ quickly ended his WWF career. The former wrestler did end up winning a lawsuit over the illegal posting of the video, but the damage was done.

The Duck Goes Downcelebrity-5

As the voice of the Aflac Duck, Gilbert Gottfried was hardly a celebrity – and he sure isn’t now. The now ex star was dropped by Aflac after his insensitive remarks on Twitter about the 2001 tsunami. A quick Google search will explain why people got so angry at the “comedian”.

Dani The Body Shamer

Former Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers took things a little too far when she snapchatted a woman showering at the gym, posting the message: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” Not only did she lose her celebrity status, but her gym membership as well for body shaming an innocent gym-goer.

Sheen Shot Downcelebrity-7

Charlie Sheen gained notoriety for his stints in rehab and, bizarrely, for smoking cigarettes through his nose. But it was his public admission to being HIV positive – and after sleeping with over 200 women – that cut the Two And A Half Men star down to a shadow of his former self. Still, people have a fond memory of the comedian, so all he needs to do is wait.

Doggone Dog Fighter Celebrity-8

The football star spent 21 months in prison for helping organize a dog-fighting ring, as well as participating in dog executions. Somehow, though, he managed to fight his way back onto the football field. Do fans have short memory or all they care about is watching him play?

Tequila Gets Taken Outcelebrity-9

Former reality TV star Tila Tequila did all the wrong things by claiming Hitler was “not a bad person” and then posting photos of herself saluting like a Nazi. Suffice to say, she’s no longer on our screens.

The “Lochtegate” Crisiscelebrity-10

Ryan Lochte may be an Olympic athlete, but his brain sure wasn’t in gear when he claimed he’d been held at gunpoint and robbed during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Jainero. His later admission to being drunk and ‘exaggerating’ the situation certainly didn’t make him any more popular!

Dugger’s Dug A Holecelebrity-11

Known for his role in 19 Kids And Counting, Josh Duggar was quickly ditched after revelations that he had sexually assaulted several women when he was younger – including four of his sisters. The former TV star has been in the eye of the hurricane ever since.

Lostprophet Gets Lost

Musician Ian Watkins and his band Lostprophets had five studio albums in the bag before he was arrested on charges of attempted rape and sexual assault of children. He’s now serving a 29-year prison sentence and guess what? No one seems to want to back him up on this one.

Kicked Out of Heavencelebrity-13

7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins couldn’t have fallen further from heaven when he admitted to pedophilliac behaviour. Reports from his victims and his ex-wife certainly didn’t help matter for former actor.

Lewd Jerry Lee Lewiscelebrity-14

Marrying a 13-year-old is a sure-fire way to kill your career – especially when she’s your first cousin! This revelation saw Jerry Lee Lewis’ earnings plummet overnight from thousands to mere pennies.

Subway Man Shot Downcelebrity-15

Subway’s weight loss hero Jared Fogle lost more than his paunch when he was arrested on suspicion of child pornography and the intent to travel and solicit sex from a minor. He sure won’t be getting his Subway fix in prison!